Anterior Cruciate Ligament Sprain Treatment

Ligaments are thick bands of tissues that connect bone to bone. The knee joint has numerous ligaments that run along the knee bone to provide strength and stability to the knee joint. Anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments hold the shinbone from sliding forward. The ACL and PCL stabilize the knee joint and a damage or trauma may cause tear in the ligament partially or completely causing pain and swelling. Very often, the menisci which act as load buffer and spreader of knee joint gets damaged during the injury along with the cruciate ligaments.
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Sprain Treatment in Tamilnadu

Causes of an ACL/PCL Tear

A severe trauma or any sudden sport activity is the main cause for a ACL/PCL tear in the knee joint. Certain motions and activities like landing flat-footed from a jump, overextending the knee joint or a drastic and fast direction change while running can cause tear in the ACL resulting in pain, stiffness and movement restriction in the knee joint. ACL tear is a common damage caused during sport activities.

Symptoms of an ACL Tear

Common symptoms associated with ACL include:

Diagnosing an ACL Tear

Through clinical and physical examination the doctor evaluates the symptoms and understands the extent of damage causes in the knee joint. Imaging tests like MRI scan or X-rays are performed to understand the actual cause of damage and the severity of the condition. The doctor investigates the knee stability and range of motion of the affected knee joint.

Treatment options for ACL tear

At Kovilpatti Venkateswara Hospital, we provide the most advanced and sophisticated diagnostics and treatments techniques for patients with ACL/PCL injuries. The ACL injury treatment plan for an ACL tear depends on the severity of the ACL injury to ease the pain and discomfort of the condition. For severe cases, ACL surgery is opted to repair the damaged ligament followed by a physical therapy session to improve the strength and stability of the knee joint.

ACL reconstruction surgery involves using tissue from own body (autocraft) or donor tissues (allograft) to replace the damaged ACL. The ACL surgery is performed through arthroscopic (key hole) method that is minimally invasive and the procedure involves making few small incisions in the area and inserting an arthroscope to evaluate the severity of the condition. If menisci are damaged they are either repaired or removed based on their severity. Later other surgical tools are inserted to remove the damaged ligament and replaced it with an allograft or autocraft and are secured with tags, screws to hold it in place. After the placement of replacement ligament tissues, the incisions are closed and sutured.

After the surgery pain relievers are provided to ease the pain and discomfort. During the healing period, physical therapy program is initiated to regain full range of motion and knee strength.

At Kovilpatti Venkateswara Hospital, we provide safe and effective surgical treatment options for any mild or severe ACL/PCL tears from highly qualified and experienced arthroscopic surgeon, doctors and staffs with care and consideration. To know more about ACL/PCL tear treatments options, book an appointment now.

Authored By  Dr.S.Dhamodaran – MBBS  Orthopaedic surgeon, Kovilpatti

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