Back Pain

Back pain is a common condition experienced by majority due to various reasons or causes. Back pain restricts the daily activities and affects the quality of life to certain extends. Various treatment methods and back pain relief or pain management techniques are available to ease the back pain and discomfort. Pain management and preventive measures include from simple home remedies to non invasive treatment techniques.

At Kovilpatti Venkateswara Hospital, we provide the most advanced and sophisticated diagnostics and treatments techniques for patients with back pain. We brings together a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified and well experienced medical and surgical specialists who offer patients safe and effective treatments and rehabilitative programs for the patient.

Symptoms of back pain

Common symptoms associated with back pain include:

Causes for back pain

Back pain can occurs spontaneously due to a sudden twist or trauma or over a period of time due to bone degeneration including spondylosis, slip of vertebrae one over other, infections, abnormal curvature of spine (scoliosis) and other medical condition. Back pain is often caused due to a muscle or ligament strain, bulging or ruptured disk, skeletal irregularities in younger age group and osteoporosis, spondylosis (wear and tear of spine) in elderly and metastasis of cancer to vertebrae.

Back Pain Treatment and Relief

Back pain can be severe or mild depending on the cause and can be treated accordingly. Most mild back pain can be treated with a few weeks of home treatment. Back pain relief or management includes over-the-counter pain relievers and the use of alternative heat or ice packs that helps ease the pain and improves the blood circulation in the area.

Medications are recommended depending on the type of back pain and include over-the-counter pain relievers, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, topical pain relievers, narcotics, and antidepressants. At Kovilpatti Venkateswara Hospital, we provide minimally invasive treatment methods including injections using an anti-inflammatory medication or numbing medication to decrease the inflammation and pain around the nerve roots, around nerver roots within spinal canal, etc. Along with medications and pain relievers, we educate the patients on the importance of physical exercise as part of back pain treatment and pain management. Under the expertise of a physical therapist, various treatment methods including heat, ultrasound, electrical stimulation and muscle-release techniques are performed to ease the back muscles, ligaments and soft tissues to reduce pain and discomfort caused by the condition. The therapy also improves the flexibility, strengthen the back and abdominal muscles, and improve the posture. Regular use of these techniques prevents the reoccurrence of back pain.

Surgery is recommended only for back pain caused by more severe causes including nerve compression caused by a disc prolapsed or spondylolysis. In such cases, special team of surgeon evaluates the condition and performs minimally invasive surgical procedure to restrain the structural stability of the spine and to remove the cause of back pain.

At Kovilpatti Venkateswara Hospital, we offer the best and latest medical facilities with a team of experienced doctors, surgeons and staffs to provide all round care and support to the patients. To know more about back pain treatment, book an appointment now.

 Authored By  Dr.S.Dhamodaran – MBBS  Orthopaedic surgeon, Kovilpatti
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