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Spine Issues - Why And How

January 28, 2019

The intense pain troubling your lower back and neck for months…...The physical difficulties you face when you ought to dance with the tunes or ascend a stair…. Spinal disc related issues are in disguise today. Worry not, for Dr S. Dhamodaran's Kovilpatti Venkateswara Hospital, the best in spinal disc treatments in Tamil Nadu can treat you to the best, promising the complete recovery.

Spinal discs, accounting for the upright posture of the body, can be affected at times due to a variety of problems causing degenerative disc diseases or herniated disc issues. When disc starts to lose this strength and pliability, there rises a chance of pain and excruciating symptoms of unhealthy disc and postures.

The various reasons causing the spinal disc problems are

The overweight can make it difficult for the spine to support the body to the firm position raising chances for a hernia.

Overweight lifting
This is one of the very important reasons causing chances of disc issues. Unhealthy weightlifting is injurious to the disc and it can also cause a hernia.

Inappropriate sitting positions
Especially for corporate workers, prolonged hours of inappropriate sitting positions are part of their jobs and when this becomes a life habit, it can cause serious harmful effects to the spine and the disc.

Continous standing
Occupational circumstances like continuous standing as in nurses, beauticians etc can cause stress to discs, causing inflammation and the resulting degeneration in the disc.

Inadvertent twisting and bending
Accidental twisting in inappropriate angles can cause muscle tears as well as disc splits.

Age is an important factor for disc problems, as age progresses, the cushioning effect of the discs becomes less due to the lack of required minerals to strengthen the bone. Hence, there will be high chances of disc problems in old aged people.

Intake of tobacco products
Smokers are found to develop a higher chance of lower back pain and degenerative disc problems.

Kovilpatti Venkateswara Hospital, assures you the remedy for your disc related problems from treatments like physiotherapy through spinal disc surgery at the most affordable costs and rates without compromising the quality. It is the best spinal disc surgery in Virudhunagar.

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