Endospine Surgery

Endospinal surgeries are the best retort for treating any severe pain and discomfort affecting the spine due to various reasons. Incidence of lumbar intervertebral disc prolapse is a common occurrence and most of the patients respond well to conservative management. Still a considerable number of patients do need surgical management for endospinal conditions. Standard surgical treatment for these conditions is discectomy through posterior approach. With advent of endospine (keyhole) surgeries, apart from the ascetic benefit, the shortened access route and reduced skin incision minimize postoperative discomfort and allows rapid resumption of normal physical activities especially in young individuals.

Endoscopic Spine surgery is designed to remove the damaged disc through keyhole surgery and enables easy mobilization of the patient early within a day and can start performing day to day activities. The entire surgical procedure is performed under continuous video-endoscopic control via the monitor screen. By resecting part of the superior lamina, the articular processes and the yellow ligament, the nerve root, and then the hernia are exposed. The latter is removed and a microdiscectomy can be performed. Once full decompression of the nerve has been confirmed, perfect hemostasis of the muscles can be achieved on withdrawing the ENDOSPINE® operating tube. A special dressing is applied that enables the patient to shower on the same day.

Spinal microsurgeries offer advantage to the surgeon and the patient with better visualization of structures, less neurological injuries and faster recovery from the surgery.

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