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Kovilpatti Venkateswara Hospital provides the most advanced and latest diagnostic and treatment options for all major orthopedic conditions in a safe and minimally invasive treatment technique. With the constant advancements in musculoskeletal treatment approaches, we rely on the leading edge treatment procedures that allow faster recovery from various medical conditions. Our state of the art facilities with a fully equipped and dedicated surgical rooms allows complete diagnose without any errors and enables our surgeons and doctors to treat various orthopedic conditions with comfort and ease.

Our world class infrastructure allows us to cater the need of patients with a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified and experienced medical and surgical specialists using the most innovative diagnostics as well as rehabilitative strategies for a complete spectrum of care for the patients. We have our advanced facilities named after renowned and establishes medical figures and these are

Spinal Disc Herniation Surgery & Treatment in Tamilnadu


Look at the difference Technology

Charnley Laminar OT:

Fully functional operating Room that has been named after the legendary Joint Replacement Surgeon Sir John Charnley with a fully fledged Conventional Laminar Flow system with HEPA filter. This air flow system clear outs upto 0.3microns of air that’s been pumped in with pressure to maintain the adequate pressure levels in the operating room without the inflow of outside air. The room air is recycled and filtered at high filtration rate that reduces the risk of spreading infection, cross contamination and other related issues. All major surgeries including the joint replacement and spine surgeries are conducted in our full equipped and sterilized Charnley Laminar operating room.

Prof R V OT

Prof. R. Venkataswami, is a renowned Hand, Plastic, Reconstructive surgeon from Chennai who involved in setting up of the Hand surgery unit in Stanley hospital. The operating room is fully equipped with latest and most sophisticated surgical equipments and surgical implants from across India and abroad. We ensure to use only high quality and durable implants for various fracture surgeries, oromaxillo facial surgeries, hand/ plastic/ reconstructive surgeries, general surgeries for the best outcome. We have a dedicated operating room to treat and recover all medical conditions that affect the hand, shoulder and elbow causalities. Most of our surgical procedures are performed through minimally invasive techniques that provide added advantages of less post operative pain and discomfort, minimal scar formation, faster recovery and healing period. This is achieved by using various microscopic reconstructive surgical tools including specialized operating microscope and micro instruments.

Digital Low Radiation X-Ray

We possess the most advanced diagnostic methods including Digital Low Radiation XRay and C-ARM to provide a detailed report on the diagnosis of any medical condition. Digital low radiation x-rays produce high quality images with very low levels of radiation and is an environmentally friendly and healthier option for the patient. An added advantage of the digital x-ray is that they can be zoomed and magnified for a more accurate reading to pinpoint the actual damage and abnormality in the condition.

Digital Low Radiation C-ARM

C-Arm is another imaging device based on X-ray technology that can be used flexibly in various angles. The name is derived from the C-shaped arm used to connect the X-ray source and X-ray detector to produce high-resolution X-ray images in real time. C-Arms are used in surgical rooms during the procedure as they allow the surgeon to monitor progress at any point during the surgery.

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