Pain management

Pain management includes procedures and techniques that treat all types of pain, including musculoskeletal, spinal and neuropathic pain disorders. Pain management requires an accurate diagnosis to help patients avoid escalating into a state of chronic pain. Pain management helps reduce the severity of pain and improve patients’ quality of life. Kovilpatti Venkateswara Hospitals relies on minimally invasive procedures and appropriate use of medications to achieve these goals.

Kovilpatti Venkateswara Hospitals has a team of physician’s subspecialty training in pain management in treating the mild to severe pain affecting the body. The in-depth knowledge of the physiology of pain provides a proper diagnosis through specialized tests and enables pain specialists to implement highly specific treatment options to ease the symptoms. This techniques adopted depends on patient condition and are customized to meet patient requirement. These can be minimally invasive procedures or through medication management strategies to provide instant relief of pain and symptoms.

We follow a comprehensive non-surgical and surgical treatment plan that reduces the pain and improves your quality of life. Every physician and nurses in our team entail skill, patience, empathy and stay updated in the field to offer a personalized approach to treating an array of conditions and comprehensive treatment plans for the well being of the patient.

Authored By  Dr.S.Dhamodaran – MBBS  Orthopaedic surgeon, Kovilpatti
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