Posterior Cruciate Ligament Tear Treatment

Ligaments are thick bands of tissues that connect bone to bone. Knee joint has the strongest ligament joints and posterior cruciate ligament is one of the ligaments that run along the back of the knee from the bottom of the thighbone to the top of the lower leg bone. The posterior cruciate ligament or PCL provides stability and strength to the knee joint. An injury or trauma to the PCL can cause a condition termed as overextended knee causing pain and stiffness on the back length of the knee joint.
PCL Tear Treatment in Tamilnadu

Causes of a PCL Injury

A severe trauma can cause a PCL injury causing hyperextension of the knee. Other activities like jumping from a height or during athletic movements can cause a knee ligament injury.

Symptoms of a PCL Injury

A PCL injury can cause mild or severe symptoms depending on the extent of the injury. few symptoms include:

Diagnosing a PCL Injury

The doctor conducts a clinical and physical examination to diagnose a PCL injury, by moving the knee in various directions and checking for fluid in the knee joint through an MRI scan or X-ray of the knee to check for fractures

PCL Injuries Treatment

At Venkateswara Hospital, we offer various treatment options for PCL injuries depending on the severity of the damage to the ligament. For minor or partial ligament damage, treatment method includes splinting, applying ice compression, elevating the knee or taking pain reliever to ease the pain and discomfort caused by the condition. The doctor also advises to limit physical activities that apply constant pressure on the knee area or to use a brace or crutches to protect the knee from external pressure until pain and swelling are reduced. PCL Physical therapy program helps to strengthen and regain the range of knee joint motion.

In more severe ligament damage cases, treatment options include the repair of the damaged ligament to retain the strength and flexibility of the damaged knee joint ligament. We perform minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery for knee joint ligament repair. The procedure uses an arthroscope (with a small camera attached to a long tube) that is inserted into knee joint area to view the extent of damage in the affected knee joint. The surgeon makes few small incisions in the knee and inserts few surgical tools to repair the damaged ligament to reduce the symptoms and to regain the stability and strength of the knee ligament and joint.

After the surgical procedure, PCL physical therapy is provided for faster healing and recovery from the damage caused in the knee joint and to improve the stability and strength of the knee joint. At Venkateswara Hospital, we provide the most advanced and sophisticated diagnostics and treatments techniques for patients with PCL injuries. We brings together a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified and well experienced medical and surgical specialists who offer patients safe and effective treatments and rehabilitative programs to offer the intact continuum of care for the patient. To know more about PCL treatment, book an appointment now.

Authored By  Dr.S.Dhamodaran – MBBS  Orthopaedic surgeon, Kovilpatti
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