Spinal Cord Trauma Treatment

Spine is composed of vertebrae cushioned by soft compressible disks with numerous muscles, nerves and ligaments that extend from the brain’s base back of the neck and ending close to the buttocks. Any trauma or damage to the spinal cord, vertebrae can cause long lasting and significant impact on most aspects of active life. The spinal cord sends messages from the brain to all parts of the body and vice versa. A damage or injury to a part of the spinal cord can affect these impulses send to and forth. This results in complete loss of sensation and mobility causing paralysis throughout a larger part of the body. At Kovilpatti Venkateswara Hospital, we provide the most advanced and sophisticated diagnostics and Spinal Cord Injury Treatments techniques for patients with spinal cord trauma and injuries. We brings together a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified and well experienced medical, surgical specialists, para medicals who offer patients safe and effective treatments and rehabilitative programs to offer them the best of care for the spinal injury patient.

Spinal Cord Trauma Treatment in Tamilnadu

What causes spinal cord trauma?

A spinal cord trauma is caused as the result of an unpredictable accident or violent event including:

Symptoms of a spinal cord trauma

Common symptoms associated with a spinal cord trauma include:

Diagnosing a spinal cord trauma

At Kovilpatti Venkateswara Hospital, we diagnose with CT scans, MRIs, X-rays of the spine and other potential testing to measures how quickly nerve signals are received and send from the brain.

How is a Spinal Cord trauma treated?

At Kovilpatti Venkateswara Hospital, we include surgical treatment methods, medications and rehabilitation techniques to promote nerve cell regeneration and to improve the function of the nerves that are damaged after a spinal cord trauma. The treatment method focuses on preventing further injury with immediate medical attention to minimize the effects of trauma. Our team of surgeons, neurologists, physicians, psychologists, nurses and therapists work in collaboration for a safe and effective recovery from any type of spinal cord trauma or injury.

Surgery is the best treatment option for spinal cord trauma and the type of surgical procedure is decided based on the patient condition after the trauma. The spine surgery involves decompressing the spinal cord, realigning and stabilizing the spine, fusion of the vertebrae using implants.

At Kovilpatti Venkateswara Hospital, we offer minimally invasive surgical treatment procedure for a safe and effective treatment approach with advantages of faster recovery. To know more about spinal cord trauma treatment services, book an appointment now.

  Authored By  Dr.S.Dhamodaran – MBBS  Orthopaedic surgeon, Kovilpatti

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